About Us

Our Company


Cardiff Renovations is focused on delivering our clients the best possible experience while renovating their home. That may sound simple, but after years of working in the construction industry, our owner, Chase Loomer discovered it was not. There are many hurdles that a family will face while renovating their home, but Cardiff Renovations is determined to minimize their impact and deliver our clients and exceptional product. 

Prior to graduating from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) with a degree in Building Construction and a minor in Real Estate, Chase spent several summers working for a local demolition contractor and one summer working for a commercial contractor in San Diego.   

After college, he went back to his roots and worked for 2 years as a project manager/estimator for the same local demolition contractor.  This position gave him invaluable experience with a variety of jobs, building materials, and subcontractors.  The demolition industry also taught him how to think on his feet and ‘make it happen’ when presented with outside the box situations. 

In 2013, Chase was hired by his cousin, Danny Sowers, to help start a custom residential construction company, River City Custom Homes.   Danny and Chase worked together to grow the business over the next 5 years and, as with any small company, both gained experience in every aspect of running the business and building homes.  During his time with River City, Chase managed the construction of 31 custom home projects, two of which won awards at the Richmond Homearama. As Vice President, he managed all aspects of the construction process and learned the importance of managing client expectations and emotions during, and even after the project was complete.  

It was here that Chase learned the importance of implementing systems and processes to streamline construction and provide their clients with up to date information and pricing.

Chase founded Cardiff in 2018 because he wanted to bring all the skills he has learned throughout his career to the renovation industry in Richmond, VA.  Much like building a custom home, renovating a home is a process that requires the client to make many decisions, often times adding stress to their daily family life.  It is the goal of Cardiff Renovations to have systems in place to manage our client’s expectations and ensure that they are well informed.  By doing so, we believe that we can all enjoy the process of improving their home, not just the end product.  

Our Name

 The name Cardiff comes from a small state beach in Encinitas, CA (a town in San Diego County).  Chase’s family relocated to San Diego in 2008 while he was attending college, so just about every break from school was spent with them.  Since they moved across the Country, Holidays were spent making new traditions.  Chase and his family would pack a picnic for Christmas dinner and go to Cardiff by the Sea to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean (and paddle out for some surfing, of course!).  The name Cardiff Renovations is Chase’s way to bring these memories of family and San Diego back to Richmond.